Short term finance enables you and your business to take advantage of opportunities which require transactions to be completed quickly. The focus on this type of bridging finance is speed. It’s about closing your deal as quickly as possible. If you have an investment opportunity that demands a rapid financial solution, then a bridging loan is for you.

A bridging loan from London Bridging Finance can also help if you have negotiated a below market value opportunity, but your mortgage lender insists that you own the property for 6 months. Because we lend against the value of a property, and not the purchase price, it allows you to truly take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.


Through our exclusive network of High Net Worth (HNW) investors and bridge loan partners, London Bridging Financesources, packages and underwrites each deal, thereby removing the impediment of dealing with bank imposed restrictions.

This unique operating model not only means we are absolutely free from the banks, it also means there are no more exhaustive compliance and due diligence hoops for you to jump through to get your deal funded – just pure and simple asset lending.

At London Bridging Finance, we can swiftly arrange bridging loans from £100k upwards on a first or second charge basis. Typically, we offer a Loan to Value (LTV) of 60-75% of the value of your property, with 100% of the purchase price possible. Obviously each loan is appraised on it’s own merits.