As with many financial services, the bridging loans market is often difficult to navigate, with a host of lenders making unrealistic promises. At London Bridging Finance, we pride ourselves on our open and simple approval process, designed to help you find your bridging loan, without any hassle and without wasting your valuable time.

Many bridging loan companies make promises that they simply cannot keep:

  • They say that they have cash to lend when they actually don’t
  • A lot of bridging companies promise unrealistic loan to value percentages
  • Other providers assure ridiculously low rates, which never materialise
  • Some bridging companies state that they will lend against certain types of property, but fail to follow through
  • Many bridging loan providers state a quick turnaround of less than 24 hours, which is almost impossible to achieve

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that most bridging loan companies receive their principal funding from banks, topped up with money from hedge funds, and private equity. Because of this, they have much stricter lending criteria than investor-driven bridging loan providers such as London Bridging Finance and our Partners, and you may still be turned down by a faceless credit committee even after they have said yes.


This is where London Bridging Finance offers something different. We specialise in providing medium and large bridging loans without involving the banks. London Bridging Finance takes care of every single aspect of the loan process, from initial consultation to approval and, when we say yes, we mean yes.

London Bridging Finance will consider your application even if:

  • You want a large loan
  • You want to borrow 100% of the purchase price
  • You have a poor credit history
  • You have no provable income
  • You don’t meet the banks’ stringent lending criteria

Our flexible approach is down to our network of High Net Worth investors and Bridging Partners who fund the loans with their own cash. We source, package and underwrite each proposal, speeding up the process and giving you an honest answer promptly.

London Bridging Finance loans are:

  • Non-Status: There is no proof of income required
  • Based on value, not purchase price
  • High-Value: Our funding partners have deep pockets and specialise in loans of over £1m
  • Flexible: We lend against all types of property
  • Investor Based: No banks are involved
  • Quick and Easy to set up

For quick, non-status lending against assets, London Bridging Finance does exactly what we say – No waiting; No spontaneous refusals; No complex approval process.

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