‘Cyber Court’, a new state-of-the-art court will begin to tackle cyber fraud and crime in the city of London’s financial sector. Ministers say the court will enhance Britain’s reputation as a country where banking and finance is underpinned by the rule of law, and aids the authorities to tackle the growing menace of computer crime.

The specially built court, which is still in the planning stage, is expected to be built within walking distance of the Royal Courts of Justice.

Infographic (below) illustrates: the five most common cyber-crimes in the UK, with number of cases reported in the year to June 2016.

The Justice Minister, Dominic Raab stated: “This new flagship court will build on UK legal services’ unique comparative advantage, by leading the drive to tackle fraud and crack down on cyber-crime… By reinforcing the City’s world-leading reputation as the number one place to do business and resolve disputes, it’s a terrific advert for post-Brexit Britain.

The new court will be directly funded by the City of London, and its main focus will be on cyber-crime, fraud and economic crime, and will also hear civil and other criminal cases. To ensure that London will continue to innovate and be the world’s leading financial sector.