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UK ‘needs green finance plan’

The UK government needs to come up with a plan to secure finance to meet the country's carbon budgets because policy changes have led to a collapse in clean energy investment, according to MPs on parliament's Environmental Audit Committee (EAC).  A new EAC report warns that clean power investment fell 56% last year and is now [...]

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The growth of P2P Lending: Property Development

Since the 2008 financial recession, the restrictions that mainstream financial institutions are putting on their loans and their potential successful applicants are growing. As a result, property developers are searching for alternative funding options, which has led to a growth in peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding options, such as bridging loan finance. The recession left an ideal [...]

UK finance firms urged to team up in cyber crime fight

Current defenses are inefficient and need to be rebuilt from the ground up, a report claims. The way financial firms in the UK handle cybersecurity is inefficient and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, a new report by KPMG and the industry body UK Finance has said. The new approach needs to be built on teamwork [...]

UK risks financial crisis if it diverges from EU regulation

The U.K. should remain close to EU financial regulations post-Brexit or increase the risk of another financial crisis, said EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier. Speaking to a finance industry audience in Sofia, Barnier warned the U.K. to “not have a short memory” and stick close to already agreed post-crisis regulation to avoid the taxpayer-funded bailout [...]

These London boroughs have the biggest reduction in property asking prices

According to Zoopla's new figures, a third of London property listings have been reduced in price as of the beginning of April. The proportion of properties that have been reduced is down since last December when it stood at nearly 40%, but currently, the average property on the market in London has still been reduced by [...]

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