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Introducer’s and Investor’s opportunities with London Bridging Finance

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London Bridging Finance with their unique place in the UK Non Regulated Bridging Finance lending market has a number of ongoing private loan opportunities for HNW & Sophisticated Investors to maximise return on capital during these times of historic low returns.

Typically this would be done via the provision of a first charge secured bridging loan returning upwards of 12-20% per annum.

We work with you to establish what area of the private bridging loan market you are interested in along with the returns you would like to achieve and if an enquiry matches your criteria we put you in touch with the borrower. It’s that simple!

For further information please complete the enquiry form below, or call: 0207 856 0441

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London Bridging Finance is looking for business relationships with Mortgage Introducers and Industry related professionals for the referral of bridging finance enquiries.

We work with you to handle the enquiry from the start right through to completion with an agreed split on the income of the deal payable on the day of completion.

Generate additional income for your practice, but we do all the work. In a fast-moving business climate, the difference between success and failure is tiny. To maximise potential, a business must seize every possible advantage in the quest to get ahead. Offering your clients a flexible, cost-effective BRIDGING LOAN solution can make the difference, persuading clients to choose you rather than the competition.

A Bridging Finance programme should be easy to implement, with little extra investment of time or resources. The London Bridging Finance Affiliate Programme is designed to be low maintenance, ensuring that you don’t waste your valuable time on administration and personal involvement.

You introduce the client and we do the work.

London Bridging Finance will become a trusted member of your team, honouring our commitments to you and your clients. Professionalism and integrity are at the heart of our business.

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