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Standard Criteria

  • Loan terms: 1 – 12 months

  • Arrangement fees: from 1%

  • Valuation fees: Case by case

  • Legal fees: Case by case

  • Exit fee: 0% on Residential / Case by case on Commercial

  • Interest rates: From 0.75% on Residential / From 0.89% on Commercial

  • Loan to value: 75% on Residential / 65% on Commercial

Our Checklist

  • We recognise potential of niche opportunities

  • We Provide fast decisions & solutions to all funding requirements

  • We are the number 1 leading specialist in large Bridging Loans

  • We offer flexibility and bespoke solutions

  • Regardless of credit history we can provide a funding solution

  • Bridging loan interest rates from as low as 0.75% per month

  • It’s never a slow process with us, we are extra fast

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