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London Bridging Finance offers something truly different and unique. We specialise in providing medium and large bridging and our flexible approach is down to our network of High Net Worth investors and Bridging Partners.

A bridging loan can provide fast access to funding with the minimum of formalities. We offer a unique service, providing bridging finance according to business-based criteria, regardless of credit history we can provide a funding solution to suit your needs and fast.

Short term funding, or to use its well-known term, Bridging Finance, is probably the most under used form of financing.

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Commercial Bridging Loans are used when there is a gap in financing that needs filling quickly.

For a Commercial Bridging Loan, the overall use of the property has to be more than 40% commercial. For example, if you were buying a retail unit with a flat above it, the retail unit’s value would have to be more than 40% of the total value.

Residential bridging loans are short term, interest-only loans generally used to help you meet a pressing financial need when dealing in the property market.

Applications are often decided on the value of the property and your exit strategy, more than your ability to meet payments.

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Development Finance Can be used in a number of different circumstances, such as refurbishment – buying dilapidated properties and then renovating and selling them in a short.

We provide fast and flexible funding for all types of property development projects.

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We specialise in a range of loans – Hedge Fund Loans | European Private Loans | Auction Finance | Scottish Bridging | Non Status/High Value Bridging | Land Bridging

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